Linear Algebra II MTH 317-001 Spring 2018

Instructor: Bart Van Steirteghem
Email: bartvs at
Office: AB1-L05-V
Office hours: Mondays 2:45 - 4:25pm or by appointment

[SR] Linear Algebra and Geometry by I.R. Shafarevich and A. O. Remizov

Supplementary texts
[S] A Concise Introduction to Linear Algebra by G. Schay
[P] Linear Algebra by P. Petersen

Standing assignment: read the next two sections to be covered in class
[4] Due 2/20: Problem Set 3 [pdf]
[3] Due 2/14: Problem Set 2 [pdf] (Collected)
[2] Due 2/5: Problem Set 1 [pdf]
[1] By 1/31: Read Sections 1.1 and 1.2 of [SR]