Study group on Toric and Spherical Varieties

Spring 2018

This working seminar takes place one Friday out of two from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm in Room 4214-03 at the CUNY Graduate Center. All are welcome.

Our goal is to study Toric and Spherical Varieties. This semester's topic is Horn's Problem, and its connections to symplectic geometry, representation theory and algebraic geometry.

Schedule of talks

The schedule is subject to change.

Date Speaker Title/topic Ref.
February 9 Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC & GC) Organizational meeting + Introduction to Horn's Conjecture [B]
February 16 WonGeun Kim (CUNY) Highest weight theory for GL(n,C)  
February 23 Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC & GC) Horn's Inequalities and Schubert Calculus [BVW, § 2,3]
March 16 Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC & GC) Schubert varieties and their intersections [BVW, § 3,4]
May 4 Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC & GC) The symplectic and algebraic geometry of Horn's problem (following Knutson) [K]
May 11 Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC & GC) Horn's conjecture and tensor product decompositions  
May 18 Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC & GC) Momentum polytopes of projective spherical varieties  


Organized by
Robert W. Donley, Jr. (rdonley "at-sign" qcc "dot" cuny "dot" edu)
Bart Van Steirteghem (bartvs "at-sign" mec "dot" cuny "dot" edu)

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